Find Your Freedom: 4 Steps to Get Unstuck and Live the Life You Truly Want



Have you ever felt like a caged bird?

Desperately want to fly, but stuck in a life that you don’t want?
That’s how I felt most of my life.

I was born the eldest daughter of a traditional Vietnamese family.
When I was two, I already knew I should be a “role model” for my siblings.
I spent decades chasing after expectations until I hit rock bottom in 2014.
I was outwardly successful but emotionally and spiritually bankrupt. That’s when I started my journey to find freedom.

It was not easy.
But now, I’m living a life I love, with people I love, doing the work I love, in the way I love doing.

I discovered a 4-step process for anyone to get unstuck, break free, and create the life they truly want.
I want to share it with you.

I’ve used this process to help many people make breakthroughs.
Like my students and clients, you will go from:

  • self-limited to self-actualized
  • meaningless life to purposeful life
  • powerless to empowered
  • existential angst to joy
Your career, love, business, friendship, creativity will blossom. You'll walk around the world open, authentic, and whole.

"Find Your Freedom" was a fantastic success in Vietnam.
I’m so proud to bring this workshop to Singapore.

This workshop is for you if


  • are stuck in a life that feels like a cage
  • feel dissatisfied in different aspects of your life (career, relationship)
  • struggle to make changes
  • are held back by doubts and fears
You tried to hop from one job/ relationship to another, travel, move away from your parents, take a sabbatical break, go to a meditation retreat... But soon you’re stuck again.

I’ve been there too. I know how it feels.
But here’s another thing I also know: Your life can change.

In this in-depth workshop, you’ll experience a beautiful process that helps you:

  • Free yourself from the exhaustion and emptiness that comes from chasing expectations
  • Feel alive and empowered by living an authentic life
  • Find the motivation and courage to live your life your way
  • Break free from the fear and doubts that keep you stuck
  • Continue to break free every day, even after the workshop’s over

Immerse yourself in the beautiful atmosphere of Ascend Yoga Therapy
82 Boat Quay, Level 3 - 5 min walk from Clarke Quay MRT

No matter how stuck you’re right now in your relationships, career, or any aspect of your life.
You can break free.
You can move towards a life that you truly want.

Sign up for the workshop now.

Let me help you begin.

About me

Milena Nguyen - your Freedom Guide

- Professional Life Coach (2016-now)
- Author of 1 book “10,000 Miles for Love” (2017)
- 3 times TEDx speaker
- Former founder & head teacher of Soulful Garden Yoga & Wellness Center in Vietnam (2014-2016)
- Internationally certified yoga & meditation teacher
- 5 years of people development experience in a global organization; delivered training to thousands of people in 10+ countries (2009-2014)
Sun Mar 17, 2019
2:00 PM - 7:00 PM SGT
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82 Boat Quay, Level 3 Singapore
Soul-Inspired Women Singapore